Our Services

Medical correspondence

• Presenting the patients ‘cases to the most important doctors in the world after obtaining test results in order to evaluate the situation.

• Booking a medical appointment with the suitable doctor.

• After the appointment is scheduled we coordinate with the client to book the tickets and determine their needs.

• Welcoming the client at the airport and dropping them to their previously reserved place of residence.

• Providing transportation services to the client during the period of residence.

• Providing tourism programs within the city.

• Providing housing services to the client according to the location of the hospital, so as to ensure that it is very close to them.

• During the stay, the client may seek out help with all aspects of his/her daily life, including transportation, food, and daily requirements, such as restaurant delivery to his/her place of residence. 

• Providing a private nurse or nanny upon request.

• Securing an electronic account to manage all medical files, dates, and financial bills.

• Providing a private driver.

• Providing electronic wallet service, through which we serve the client as soon as possible. The clients also get whatever service they desire at the same local price, which in turn protects them from exploitation.

• Extending the duration of the residence visa when needed.

• Securing telephone and Internet services.