Texas Medical Center

Texas Medical Center (TMC)

Located in Houston, Texas Medical Center is the largest comprehensive medical center ever with an area of about 6.4 km2 that includes 59 hospitals, research centers, and more than 106 thousands employees.

Here are some further details about this great medical edifice:

·It receives about 10 million patients annually.

· About 180 thousand surgical operations are performed yearly, which means that one surgery is carried out every 3 minutes.

· The MD Anderson Cancer Center, which has been the forerunner for the past 60 years, has been rated (as) the best cancer (treatment) hospital in the last 6 years.

· Texas Children’s Hospital is the best and the largest children’s hospital in the world ever.

·It contains about 10 thousand medical beds.

· It consists of an area of more than 5 km2.

·It has more than 106 thousand employees.

·It receives more than 35 thousand births annually.

· More than 13,800 open-heart surgeries are performed.

· The emergency receives about 750 thousand visitors annually.

·It consists of 59 hospitals and research centers.